Has anybody been able to test Plex on the Apple TV yet?

I would love to be able to move my movies and TV shows out of iTunes and onto my NAS, so am really hoping that Plex on an Apple TV will be the solution.

Has anybody had an opportunity yet to test the Plex app with a working Plex server for accessibility?

Fingers crossed for the right answer (smiles)



Hi. I Can confirm that Plex works fantastically well on new Apple TV fourth generation. Installed mine today and set everything up. Voice-over reads everything. Hope this helps.



Seems that setting up Plex on my NAS has just become my weekend project (smiles)

Plex, live TV and audio description


I have a Plex server set up on my MacBook, it's really great, a real shame I can't include iTunes bought movies though... Anyway, my question is, watching live, is there any access to audio description using a dvr set up?