wireless harddrive. lacie fuel or seagate wireless?

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I wanted to buy the wd my passportable hard drive.
but then I discovered that I couldn't access my files at all with my ipad.(or can I?)
So the other options are lacie fuel or seagate wireless.
wich of these should I get?



Submitted by Brian Giles on Sunday, March 5, 2017

The WD MyCloud app seemed mostly accessible the last time I looked at it, but I don't have a drive to play with. I've been looking into getting a wireless drive as my usage is such that I could, at least in theory, go all iOS and get a cheap windows tablet for the times I need to be productive. I've also considering upgrading iCloud Drive or Dropbox space and putting all my stuff in there. That way I wouldn't have to take my MBP with me. Half the time I don't anyway, and then I never have it when I need it.

AFAIK, the only one the Apple store sells is the Lasie Fuee, but the reviews there are terrible. Then again, I've seen the same with the WD MY Pasport on amazon.

Submitted by Jeff on Sunday, March 5, 2017

I think you need to ask yourself if you'll have Internet access at the times you need to access your storage. If so, then the iCloud or Dropbox solution might be the better way to go. Keep in mind that these wifi drives require you to connect to them via their own wifi connection, so you'll not be able to access them at the same time as you access the Internet via wifi. (If you have a data connection, then you'll be able to use that to access the Net.)

If you'll mostly need to access your storage when you don't have Internet access, then the iCloud/Dropbox solution wouldn't work for you and the wifi drive would be your best option. I am a fan of Western Digital drives, so I always recommend them over the other brands you've mentioned. That's just my personal opinion.

I can connect to the internet with the harddrive, that part I've looked up.
I've got very much songs, Movies, audio books etc I want to carry with me.
I wanted the passport, but I don't want to have a harddrive where I can't access my files.