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The more I find myself fumbling around amongst all my cables for the right one to charge my phone, the more I think I need to embrace this wireless charging thing. I had a brief fling with it, getting a charging pad, but I found it flaky and hard to orientate and ensure I was charging the phone. I perused the hardware and accessorie reviews here, but no mention for wireless chargers. Is noone using them? In a perfect world I want something with a cradle I can drop the phone into, without having to worry about lining things up properly. Also, it would be great if I could charge my apple earpods at the same time. I have the new SE as my personal phone, and a 10R as my work, so some flexibility around model would be good too. Surely there is something right? The lack of reviews, and the absence of ideas from my colleagues tend to point towards a lack of embracing of this tech so far, at least in terms of accessible options.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I use the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W - iPhone Wireless Charger and have recommended it to several friends. It comes with an AC adapter included, which a lot of wireless pads do not on amazon. You have to carefully read the product description to ensure an AC adapter is included. AS far as lining up your phone on this charger it is very easy. There is a tactile ring on the charging side of the mat. As long as you put the center of your phone within the ring you should have no problems charging your device. I have a relatively thick case on my phone and it still charges with no problems. Note it is only 7.5 watts so it will not charge as fast as using an iPad charger at 10 watts or the fast charging at 18W. It works perfectly at night if I want to go to bed and charge my phone. If your looking to quickly get power to your phone this does not suffice. AS far as having multiple devices I know Logitech makes a 3 in one pad for a phone, a watch and air pods. I do not own one though so I don't know how it works.