The wireless Apple Airpods and Audioboom

Hardware and Accessories

Hi all,
I got my Apple Airpods yesterday and love them, except for the slight lag I am getting with VO that seems to be worse sometimes than others, but perhaps the worst of it was last night when I needed to fully charge them.

Anyway, I was actually wondering if anyone has successfully used these with Audioboom? As soon as I start recording direct to audioboom, the audio and mic being used is through the iPhone, not the airpods.
I'm pretty sure I have heard people audioboom using the airpods but perhaps they had to record through the voice memmos app first.

Further, has anyone had problems with other individual apps? I also believed at the time I was recording on Vorail through the airpods mic, but learnt afterwards that it wasn't so.

Thanks in advance. :)