Wife upgrading to iPhone 8, wired or wireless charging recommendations?

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Hello all
As the subject says, my wife is soon receiving an iPhone 8 and would like to use a wireless charger probably instead of wired. We have never used one before so I was wondering what experiences anyone has? First, I read the phone has to be lined up properly on a charging pad in order to get it charging at all or get the fastest speed. Any easy ways to do that or recommendations on pads with even a little bit of markings on them to help? Second, she has a wall outlet with both 1.0A and 2.4A USB ports, will the 2.4 port work with a 7.5 wat charger for fastest speed? The chargers I've researched are way cheaper with out an AC adapter being included with it or the purchase of a fast charge adapter separately. We are looking to buy as cheap as possible, as she would like a pad for her bedroom nightstand as well as either a pad or stand for a living room table.
Finally, we picked up a case that said in it's description it can be used with wireless chargers so that is probably fine. I also saw that Mophie has a wireless charging pad along with either their iPhone 7 or 8 battery cases. The pad has magnets for the case to line up with to charge. I am assuming you can buy either the 7 or 8 battery case? Those are a little expensive but I would consider it if it would be easy to use. I myself so far am sticking with a 5 S for another year but can still get the 8 at a good price for 2 more weeks if I choose.
Thanks for reading my ramblings and any recommendations, suggestions or opinions would be great!



Submitted by Melissa on Thursday, December 27, 2018

I recently bought an iPhone 8 and got a Mophie wireless charger using a black Friday deal. I only paid $20 for it at the time… I think it might be on sale at certain times two, not sure. I love it. It is magnetized so I just have to put my phone on it and wiggle it around until I hear the chime that it is charging. I did not buy one of their cases, I bought a different brand.

Submitted by ftealucard on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Come with an A C adapter? I know all of them come with USB cables. The magnet thing works on your regular case? Do they work on the phone itself or must the phone be in a case?

It did not have a USB cable. It came with the wireless charging pad and the AC adapter. I don’t have to remove it from its case-- The product page for the case said it would work with wireless charging. The AC adapter is pretty wide though just an FYI. It is in two pieces, so once you plug it in you then plug in the end of the cord into the charging pad.