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Hello All My friends.
I'm about to percious the Widex Beyond 110 hearing aid. but need your advice in using it with Voice over and in my dealy tasks.1- i tried it for few minutes. and i noticed that when i touch my Iphone i got some voice cut off. as the hearing aid changes it's preferences or something, is it natural?
2- I tried the widex app on Iphone, and frankly it's very accessible.
3- will teh Beyond will allow me to here people if i'm inside noisy inviroment?
thanks in advance for your help



Submitted by Paul Martin on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I shall try to address your concerns one at a time. I have the Beyond 440s myself, but the model you're about to get should be similar.
First, the lag you mention is caused by the devices themselves switching to a sort of power saving mode after a couple seconds of silence from your iOS device. You should notice that exploring by touch, or even flicking on the screen, will have almost none of those symptoms after the initial Voiceover speech has started. Everyone's hearing loss is at least a little different, so your ability to hear when the beyond units switch to and from this "power saving" mode may vary, the change being signified by no more than a few hundred milliseconds of complete silence.
The iOS controller app has recently gotten quite the update, and it's now accessible with only one or 2 exceptions which primarily have to do with viewing a map for features such as location-based programs. One note though: Do remember the "Z Gesture". This is the intended way of going back or escaping menus such as the equalizer.
As a bit of a reminder, everyone's hearing loss is different. your inquiry of hearing in noisy environments therefor has no clear answer. I can best suggest adjusting the equalizer if the 110 has that, or creating a custom program if possible. There is a little guidance in the Beyond app about how the 3 adjustments affect your perception of sound.
i do hope all this helps.

Submitted by Ramy Moustafa on Saturday, May 5, 2018

I don't want to ask my question again. but really you are the only one that have they beyond and can help me.
i wrote an email to Widex but they did not respond yet.
wainting your reply

Submitted by david s on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


All BT listening devices such as head sets or hearing aids will have a delay or lag. The difference is how quickly they turn on and how long the time out period is.

I’ve tried a few MFI hearing aids and I didn’t encounter any issues where VO or what I am listening to got cut off. The Has wait a few seconds after a sound is received before timing out. While on an Apple Air Pod, it times out right away so you find posts where people are saying VO gets cut off in the beginning and/or end.

There is no way to specify how quickly the devices should wake or the duration of the time out. This preset at the factory where they take into account such as battery life and performance.

Are you getting your hearing aids from an audiologist? I ask because most audi allows a person to try different models for about 30 days to be sure it’s what the user needs. Ask your audiologist if you can try it for a few days. If they no, shop around and see if another audiologist will. This way, you can be sure what you are getting really works for you in different situations.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Ramy Moustafa on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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Hi David:
I really want to try the Phonak or anyitng, but no trials here, just the company itself make an audiologist set with you for 30 minutes to show you some of there models. so, i will not be able to try in my life.
so, try to get recommendations.
the Only problem i found when visiting Widex is that , there were some cut off when using Voice over as i mentioned.
thanks so much for your advice.