Which portable/folding Bluetooth keyboard would people recommend for use with VoiceOver?

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I am looking for the best portable/foldable bluetooth keyboard to use with an iPhone 6 using voiceover,thanks.



Submitted by Faerie on Thursday, July 12, 2018

though it does not fold, and there are slightly smaller keyboards, I really like the logitech keys to go. It is thin, maybe about as thick as five pieces of braille paper or ten sheets of regular. It's extremely light, flat, and small, so it slips in my bag with no effort at all. The keys are fairly quiet, and a fabric skin covers the keyboard, making it spill and water resistant. i have literally dropped, stepped on, and almost bent this keyboard, and it hasn't broken. That being said, there are smaller keyboards out there, and it doesn't fold, but the thinness and lightness offset this greatly. last I checked, new it was around fifty dollars from amazon.