what is the most appropriate USB sound card/speaker combo for surround sound/5.1 audio?

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Hi all, I was tempted to post this on Mac OS but it’s not a software issue necessarily. What USB sound card/speaker combo would you guys recommend if I want a really good surround sound thing? I’m running Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.4 or later. I am trying to do a USB X-Fi Soundblaster GoPro from like 2014, and my high def speakers only work from a subwoofer. I’m wondering if I should get something better? Wat are you all’s favorites and I’ll spend $50 and under for plug in speakers. I was also wondering how to set up 5.1 asily with VO through System preferences, and I’m also using a Mac Mini 2018. I’m having fun with this thing btw so far, so if you guys have a favorite speaker to plug in there, just let me now.



Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hi Beth,

If you're doing recording engineering, you'd want speakers that accurately reproduce the recorded sound as opposed to speakers that give you a more pleasing sound. The latter is just for fun, movies watching, music listening, etc.

I'm doing recording engineering with Logic Pro X, so my own speaker system might not be what you are looking for. I am interested to learn what you discover, though.



Hi, Bruce.
I’m thinking of movie watching, of course, but I’m also thinking about work as well. What is the best 5.1 audio thing and a good stereo system with bass? I like a bit of bass in my work if I decide to go that route. My 5.1 system will be for the movie watching. I should also write something in the Apple TV forum about a system for that as well, but I’m concentrating mostly on the Macintosh.

Submitted by Beth Taurasi on Friday, July 19, 2019

Hi all. So I wrote here earlier about a new 5.1 audio sound card, and because I don't have a monitor to fix things with, I messed up trying to equalize my sound system with the current sound card setup I have. So does anyone have any clue what 5.1 sound system might work with a better more current sound card? Ugh! I can't believe I messed up my only 5.1 audio system, but it really wasn't designed for Macintosh. So does anyone want to fill me in on what is? Huh. Totally lost here.