What do people recommend for iPhone battery care?

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I'm just wonder what is the real proper care of iPhone's battery care, from your experience and application to your own phone what is your proper battery care?

From what I know and what I have been read, we must not drain our battery into 0% charge because it cause heat when you charge it fully, but in my case in my iPhone 7 I see no heating factor when I charge it fully to almost 96 or less, From what I read there in so many sources in web, it is not also advisable to fully charge to 100 percent the battery which can also cause damage to it in mearly future,

again from your experience iPhone users, what is your opinion on this?

any thaughts are welcome,



Submitted by Serena on Thursday, February 16, 2017

i go by the apple's own advice about such things, it's fine to charge to 100%, just not all the time, and the same is true of going to 0. basically, generally speaking, you want your battery to be something between 40 and 70 to 75% capasity, if you want to have it last it's best. but even if you charge it to 100% a lot, it's not going to effect it so badly that you're going to have a dead battery or anything. it just messes with the monitoring systems and also messes a little with the total holding capasity. and you should completely discharge the battery and recharge it, and leave it on power for about 2 to 3 hours after it reaches full, about once a month or so. that helps the electronics understand what your battery is currently able to handle, so that it reports the right info to the OS as to how much power is left.

Submitted by Ibraam Nasif on Thursday, September 30, 2021

so please, for iPhone 7;
how we do battery calibration as apple allowed only for newer devices?
also, could you recommend which system / app location services should be stopped to save battery?

Submitted by Maldalain on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Well, my usage patterns are normal, heat is the worst enemy of batteries. So don’t leave under the sun, do not keep it in your pocket for long, avoid wireless charging, use wifi not cellular if you can etc.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, September 30, 2021

In reply to by Ibraam Nasif

There are several one check 9to5 they did one. Turn off refresh on setting, general, refresh select wifi and turn them off. The app will refresh when you open it. Setting mail and turn off push mail and select manual push. Check also in privacy but go to youtube.

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