What are people's opinions on the new MacBook Air for my use case?

Hardware and Accessories

hello guys,
as you know apple released macbook air just a days ago.
So i'm planning to get it but i need your suggestions:
What i'm going to do on that thing: bootcamp, web browsing, emails, watching youtube videos, playing some audiogames on bootcamp.
configuration whitch i want get: quodcore intel ore i5 10th jen, 8 gb lpddr3 memory 3733 mhz, 512 gb ssd.
As i understand mba fans are not great so it's stopping me for get it and confuses me.
I need your suggestions and advanteges: macbook air owners do this thing can make tasks whitch i typed above?
Do you like your mba?
thanks in advance, wish you good day!



Submitted by gamer2004 on Saturday, March 28, 2020

uh i was thinking someone will answer me, but i was wrong.