VoiceOver is distorted when using the Jawbone Jambox

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Hi My girlfriend bought herself one of the small jawbone jamboxes so she could lissten to her iDevices via bluetooth. Everything paired really well, and the jambox sounds really nice when playing music on it, but as the subject line says, when VoiceOver speaks, it's really distorted. Keep in mind that we haven't installed any apps on it, in fact I'm not even sure how to do that, so i'll need some explanations as to how to do that. How can we get VoiceOver to stop distorting? I should explain that she has both an iPhone 5 and an iPod touch 4th generation and currently, the iPhone 5 is what's paired with the jambox. I've heard that lots of others are enjoying the jambox without this issue, so i'm hoping we can get it solved. I might consider getting one myself if we can crack this problem here. any ideas would be greatly appreciated



Submitted by Dan on Friday, December 28, 2012

Hi Toonhead. I have owned both the small and the big Jambox. I am currently using the big Jambox. I've never had voiceover distorting on either of the jamboxes. I have one guess. Before I knew about putting voiceover volume in the rotor, my voiceover volume has been at 80 percent. What i usually do is put my iPhone or iTouch volume all the way up then hit the down volume one click, so the main volume is at 94 percent, and the voiceover is at 80 percent. So you could put your voiceover volume in the rotor and see if it is higher than 80 percent. If the voiceover volume is higher than the 80 percent just turn it down. If the voiceover volume is at 80 percent or less, then I guess try turning down the just the voiceover volume. Remember I am talking about adjusting only the voiceover volume not making anymore changes to the main volume. Hope this helps. If you are confused you can contact me.