Visor – smartphone stand for the visually impaired

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For visually impaired people, who use magnification apps on their smartphones, I've got some special news. There is a new product on the market, that has been designed by our team in the last 2 years.

The Visor – Smartphone Stand

The Visor Smartphone Stand is the perfect complement to a smartphone with a magnifier app, such as the Visor - Magnifier app. The stand holds almost every smartphone at a constant distance from the text to be read. To do this, push the smartphone sideways into the U-shaped, flexible, 3D printed stand. It works for every smartphone, that has a width between 45mm (1.8in) and 78mm (3.05in).

The Visor Smartphone Stand slides without noticeable resistance over newspapers or other paper surfaces, even over book folds it works just as well as with any other conventional video magnifying glass. By the constant distance to the text, this is more readable and you have the hands free to take notes or do other work.

If you want to use your smartphone without the holder, just push it out sideways. The holder comes in 4 colors; black, red, yellow and blue. Above all, the last three colors enable a quick findability by persons with visual impairment due to their brilliance.

The Visor – Smartphone Stand is EUR39.00 and can be ordered online and ships internationally. Payment is securely processed via PayPal.

Link to the product on our website
<a href="">Visor Smartphone Stand Product Website</a>

We are very keen on your feedback, as this is an exciting time for us to get your opinions about it!

Have a good time
André from visor