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From time to time there are threads posted in these forums where people are expressing dissatisfaction with a product or manufacturer for whatever reason. Well, I'm happy to say that I have no such issue and in fact I'm very pleased with my recent experience with Aftershokz.
Last October I purchased a Bluez-2 headset direct from Aftershokz. I really liked this headset but sadly over time the headband developed a crack which I felt would ultimately result in complete failure of the headset. After contacting Aftershokz and providing them with the purchasing information they promptly shipped me a replacement headset. There was no hassle at all and they did not even want the old headset back. From my point of view Aftershokz gets top marks for customer service.
Interestingly the design of the Bluez-2 has evolved since I bought the first headset. On the newer version the headband feels more robust and I notice that the transducer pad that contacts your cheekbones now has a small rubber pad that seems to act as a small spacer . I'm not sure why that is necessary but it is there anyway. Finally, I notice that the function of the buttons is slightly different and now works per the manual.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I just got the following and love it. is better than the bose with more feature and better quality and easy to use and I consider it to be accessible. I got it from
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Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, January 17, 2021

I just got a pair of these for Christmas, different model. A tutor and I set them up yesterday and briefly tested them out, and I think I like them. My brother gave me a blue-tooth speaker a couple years ago for Christmas from another company. Not saying which one. The speaker crapped out on me after only a day, not sure why. I never bothered to investigate that fully, but oh well. This headset is pretty cool though. I like the voice prompts, and am going to practice more since I've never had one of these.

Update: It is now Monday evening and I've had a bit more time with my new headset. The sound quality is quite good. This includes VO itself. I tried playing a couple things from YouTube. I cannot yet play anything from my music library, because my external drive has not been re-formatted. Hopefully that'll get done in the next few days. I do like the Aftershokz though.