using lightning to USB adapter on standard iPad and iPhone?

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Has anyone used this apple lightning to USB adapter, in order to connect USB flash drives and other accessories to your iPads or iPhones? The link is:

It's a bit expensive but seems worth it and I did read for connecting some accessories, you have to first plug the adapter into the iPad or iPhone, then into a USB hub, and then plug the flash drive or whatever you want to use into the USB hub and then it will work. My last question is, will the iPad let you manage such drives such as formatting as fat32, etcetera? and if this works, then I could set my orbit reader20 to mass storage mode and by using the robobraille online translator and file renaming, I could transfer files to the orbit using the iPad.



Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Monday, June 1, 2020

For connecting Micro SD Cards and USB Microphones, the regular Lightning To USB Camera Adapter will work fine.

However, if you are wanting to connect Hard Drives and thumb drives (especially USB3.0 ones), you need the Lightning To USB 3 Camera adapter (especially since you'll need to plug in your lightning cord(or battery pack) to give the accessory more power:

Unlike the normal Lightning To USB Camera kit (which costs 19 USD), the Lightning To USB3 Camera Kit costs 39 USD.