Upgrade to the IPhone 7 or wait for the IPhone 8?

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I have the IPhone 6 and I am due for an upgrade. I am wondering if I should get the IPhone 7 or wait until next year when the IPhone 8 is released? Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful. Thanks.



Submitted by Fatima.Hamoud10 on Friday, September 30, 2016

You should upgrade to the iPhone 7 because it has lots of new features. Even though the headphone jack is missing, you can still use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music. The package does come with a 3.5 Millimeter adapter that plugs in to the bottom of the iPhone 7.

Submitted by Larry on Friday, September 30, 2016

Hey, I would say it depends on your current situation. Are you having any issues with your current iPhone? If you are having serious issues with your current phone I would consider upgrading to a 7. However, if you just want to upgrade to get a faster, slightly changed toy then I would wait for the 8.

I am currently running an iPhone 5s, and although a faster phone could be nice, this one is working without any issues so there is no real reason to stress an upgrade. I have stopped upgrading things for upgradings sake, I mean, the new phone will be cool for like a week, then it will simply be another phone, as I do not see any of the new fetures to be a "game changer" like the fingerprint reader was back in the day ^^

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Friday, September 30, 2016

I too have the 6, though the frustrating 16 GB version. I did consider upgrading but then asked myself what else I would actually do with the 7 which I can't do with the 6... Conclusion.... Nothing. I've saved £30 a month by sticking as I'm now out of contract. That's £360 over the year until the 8 comes out, which I will get as I think the 6 will start getting a little sluggish.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Submitted by Chris on Friday, September 30, 2016


I wouldn't bother upgrading just yet. The iPhone 6 still seems like a pretty capable phone if my 5S is any indication. I'd say that anyone upgrading from an iPhone 5 or 4S should snag the iPhone 7 or 6S. The performance boost would be huge. I know it was when I went from the iPhone 4 to my 5S about 3 years ago. Nothing has impressed me in the 3 most recent successors to my phone. The only thing that somewhat interests me is Apple Pay, but it's not a big enough reason. I did briefly consider the iPhone SE, but since my 5S still worked perfectly fine, I thought it would be a waste. Having said that, the iPhone SE is a good iPhone for someone new to the iPhone to get as it is the cheapest unlocked iPhone Apple currently offers. Even if you are coming from a 4S or a 5, I would say the SE rocks. Note that I am also talking about the iPhone 5C since that is just an iPhone 5 with a plastic chassis. We'll see what Apple comes up with in the iPhone 8 or 7S or what ever Apple comes up with in 2017.. If it peaks my interest, I may consider getting it.

Submitted by JN.V on Saturday, October 1, 2016

I am in the same boat, also have a iPhone 6 and wondering if I should upgrade to the 7. Since launch up to now, I kept saying I'll wait for the next generation of the SE before I decide what to do because I'll be fine with having a smaller phone like the SE, but suddenly today the itch started to upgrade to the 7.
Up to now I kept telling myself that my 6 is still fine and it still works for me, well apart from the 16 GB bit. It will be a upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, but as I say the itch is there now.

Submitted by Siobhan on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hi all. Remember a few thins: first, the next iPhone will not have the headphone jack, so if you're really in a fit over the loss, then keep what you have. I went from a five to a six S plus because my battery was junk, and my father's was just as bad. I bought him the S.E. but he hardly uses it. i mean he'll text, and call but had no interest in the fingerprint reader, the apple pay or anything like that. I am happy with my six S plus. Also remember that Apple will take less and less money for your phone if you trade it in. I think right now you'll get like a hundred something bucks for that six, whereas our fives, will get us fifty each. There will also not be a Home button on the next phone either, so I'd suggest going to an aple store, touching one to see if you like it.

Submitted by Justin on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hi. There is still the home button. It's just "not the same button". From what I've read on the apple insider site, the button is still there, it's just a capacitive sensitive button. Also, winter is approaching here in north america, so if you have gloves that are not capacitive, then you'll either have to get fingerless ones or take them completely off in order to either access the home screen or unlock the phone.
Alrighty, back to wheaterh you should upgrade? It's your personal preference. Heres the thing that nobody has said yet. The 6 only has one rear camera lens. The 7 plus has two. So, image stabilization for OCR is improved. This is just my opinion, so take it how you will! Personally, I plan on getting the 7 plus. I currently have a 6S plus. I personally like the plus over the smaller model as I get more surface on the screen to type and find some icons. they're not as smudged together as they were on the smaller model.
Also, the battery has improved in the 7/7 plus. Heck the 6S plus has a smaller battery than the 6 plus and 7 plus, which are 2900 MAH. So for my use, that's something new!
HTH and whatever you choose, We're here for ya!

Submitted by JN.V on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Trade in amount is actually a big part of the reasoning behind my thinking to upgrade to the 7 now, as I can still get a decent amount for my 6.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Saturday, October 1, 2016

The way I see it, I'll get probably £60 for my phone if I traded now, or £40 next year. So, I'm down £20 or so.... But then I'll be spending an extra at least £360 plus the up front handset cost, say 100 beans... So instead of being down £20 I'll be down close to £500 for a phone that is pretty much exactly the same as my 6, maybe not in speed or battery life, but everything works fine when loaded up, and I charge every night anyway... That's just my view. I'd need something pretty killer to shell out £500, because that's really what you're doing, buying just the upgraded features... Think that's worth it? A clever home button, a lost audio jack and stereo speakers? I don't reckon so myself.

Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hi, as far as upgrateing goes, I'm happy with my 5s because I use it with my mixing board hooked up in side my studio for podcasting. so, I will not upgrade/ I'm happy with my 5s.

Submitted by peter on Saturday, October 1, 2016

I curretnly have an iPhone 6 and was considering trading it in because Verizon had this deal that they would give you $650 toward the purchase of an iPhone 7 if you agreed to a two-year contract. That means a free swap from the 6 to 7 (with a few minor service charges of course!).

Anyway, it turned out that my current two year plan isn't up until early November, so I couldn't qualify for the program and I think that deal ended on September 30.

Anyway, I did get a chance to see the iPhone 7 while at the Verizon store. When testing the home button I at first thought that my understanding of this new button was mistaken since (1)there was a recess for the home button, and (2) it sure felt like a real button was pressed when I pressed it.

The answer is that there really is no home button as such. The home button is now a recessed dip in the otherwise contiguous glass front face. The new haptic engine inside the iPhone 7 produces the sensation of a real button click when you press on this so called "button". They really did a good job of simulating a button click. I was convinced.

So, yes, there is no "real" button, but the home button actions are just as functional as before and give quite similar feedback. I guess that helped make the phone waterproof.

So, will I upgrade? Not sure. It sure looked like a deal when Verizon was offering $650 for the trade in, but it may not be worth it. I must say, however, I am tempted to upgrade to a waterproof phone to not worry about it in the rain and am slightly interested in seeing how the new touch sensitive actions work in the newer version. Also, I'm sure the 7 will be a bit more snappy, but my 6 is pretty quick.

Guess I'll wait to see what deals develop.


Submitted by david s on Sunday, October 2, 2016


If you’re really interested in getting the 7, check with your carrier. AT&T just ended it’s promo to turn in your 6 for 650 dollars towards a 7. But they have another promo, buy one get one free. So if you have two lines and they are no longer in contract, perhaps you can cancel one line, then sign up for a new line and get the second iPhone free. Different carriers have different promos so you might want to call or visit a nearby store. To buy the 7 or wait for the 8 is a hard call. IF your current phone works and you can wait another 360 or so days, wait for the 8. From what I have read and heard, the anniversary phone will be all glass. Because it will have OLED, it will be curved and use less power to light up the display. Much more durable, longer battery life and waterproof. Well, okay, if it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, you can always buy the 7 at the lower price if the 8 isn’t what you expected.

Submitted by Anthony on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hello there I didn't want to give my two cents on us I just went and registered for the iPhone 7 tonight I ordered it it will not come I'll be giving my sickness to my dad I meant 6S plus And I ordered the iPhone 7 Plus black 128 gig using the headphone jack is not really a big deal for me girl I mean to you while we do headphones anyway I meant Bluetooth headphones and I meant wearing the headphones jack is not really a big deal for me I meant losing it then when the 10th anniversary one coming out I'll see what they do anything that I like in it maybe I'll trade my 7 AM and get it what if they don't I just keep my seven I hope this is understandable

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