Upcoming review; Audeze Mobius

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Hello everyone.
The last pfew weeks I've been very happy to see people have been reading my Nuraphone and Sennheiser Ambeo Smart reviews and deciding to make a purchase and give it a try. It's been awesome to see people benefiting from these reviews, so I wanted to announce beforehand a product I should be receiving some time in August. You all know my love of headphones with some kind of gimmick. I'm not a pure audiophile, looking for the next amp and the next $2000 headset to put next to my turntable. That's a very valid interest, and I love to read reviews from people who get their hands on those headphones, but I think my fancy is with anything that is in any kind of way a gimmick, and the headset I'm going to be talking about in my next review certainly has that. The Mobius is a headset from Audeze. If any of you here have ever used Audeze products before you know how much they put into the sound quality and even the design of their headphones. They use planar magnetic drivers in their headphones, and they claim this gives them an overall better sound, something to do with the fact that it's the same driver that's used in a home speaker setup. Spacialization on Audeze products is very good--a couple of years ago long before I started writing reviews here I did manage to get my hands on the Audeze Sine headset with the lightning connector. This headset is another step towards awesomeness. The Mobius is built as a gaming headset, but that's not all. Music and movies should also sound good as well. There is technology in the headset that tracks your head movements and it has full 3D room emulation. You can connect it via Bluetooth to your iPhone or other device, via USB to a computer, 3.5 jack to a device with it, and even over the analog cable supposedly the head tracking and 3D room emulation works. I'm going to be taking an in-depth look at this headset. I don't expect that it will replace the Nuraphone at all, but when I saw this online, I had to see what it was about. I'll look forward to bringing you all another review.
IN the meantime friends, happy listening.