torn - IPhone 13 or 13 pro?

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Hi all, so its IPhone upgrade time, I'm a voiceover user and can't decide between the IPhone 13 or 13 pro. (The mini is out due to lack of battery cases available for purchase) I don't care about the 120MHZ display refresh rate on the Pro as I have no sight what-so-ever. However, the two main differences I'm thinking about are the better camera setup on the Pro, and the extra 2gb of ram (6gb vs 4gb) that the Pro has over the regular IPhone 13.

What are people's thoughts about additional ram and Voiceover performance especially as the phone ages and new iOS versions are released? I had an IPhone 8 for five years and noticed Voiceover started lagging in certain apps (Amazon, I'm not looking at you) during year 3. I want to be future proof, but that extra dinero hurts.

What are people's thoughts about the additional camera on the pro? I know Lidar is in its infancy and not to useful yet, but have folks found that the additional telephoto lens the Pro offers makes things like scanning docs or reading text with SeeingAI easier?



Thanks for the recommendation! I'm a habitual user of battery cases, not minding carrying a bit of extra bulk in exchange for a full top-up at my beckon call. I was reading that the battery life of the pro was only an hour more than the 13, and I'm a voiceover user so if I enable screen curtain, the OLeds in both phones would shot off most pixels and increase battery life that much more right? I'm coming from a 2020 IPhone SE which doesn't have an OLed.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, November 18, 2021

Well do not know about screen curtain,I do not use it. Also remember that changing some setting helps with battery. I have 12 pro and is good. Also the iOS affect the battery. Right now some people having issues with battery and iOS 15.1.

Submitted by Jenna Pepper on Thursday, November 18, 2021

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The pro is nicer, and I've noticed I can have more apps open at once. You may not see the advantage of the higher refresh rate, but remember, it can go all the way down to 10Hz, so it can really save on battery. I got a 13 Pro Max. With screen curtain on, I can get 44 hours of use without plugging in and still have 16% left. Battery cases are great, but getting great battery without one is also valuable.

Submitted by Josh Kennedy on Friday, November 19, 2021

In a month or two I'm thinking of upgrading from my iPhone SE 2020 to either iPhone 13 mini or iPHone 13 standard the kind with the 6.1 inch screen. I think according to what I read the standard one will give me more battery life.

Submitted by shuteye on Saturday, November 20, 2021

Wow, I had no idea refresh rate could have such an effect, I'll definitely keep that in mind, though its quite a significant price jump for someone who buys their phones outright in the name of keeping a seriously grandfathered carrier phone plan haha.

Submitted by Dennis Long on Saturday, November 20, 2021

I would go with the 13 pro. I get into my second day before that I need to charge it. This includes me doing things like email talking on the phone internet browsing etc. Note I turn things like GPS off unless I need it to conserve battery. Rase to wake wake and tap to wake are also turned off. The pro is the best iPhone I have ever owned. I never got a day plus before needing to charge it.