Thoughts on the new products?

Hardware & Accessories

Just curious if anyone else has the new phone or watch yet, and if so, how they are working for you. I picked up my iPhone XS yesterday night, And I am enjoying it so far. Not having a home button took about an hour to get used to. The only slight hiccup we had, was that the Apple Store systems were having trouble here in the US, so things took longer than I expected. I also left the store with a non-working phone because I didn’t want to restore from my iCloud back up when I was in the store it’s self. Luckily, some friends were with me and were able to drive me home, so having the phone not working was a little bit anxiety producing, but once we got it connected to my Wi-Fi it backed up and worked well.

I am noticing the response time for apps and the phone is much faster then it was on my iPhone 8. And also, dictation seems to be more accurate.

One question I have is the best way to store passwords? iCloud seems to have some and not others saves, I am not quite sure why that is going on, so I still have to play with that today. But overall, I am very happy with the phone, especially with how much faster the apps are working on it.