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Not sure if this is the right category. Anyway... Yesterday I went to have my iPhone 6S+ looked at. Among the issues, I had a case that I thought had a crack in it. My screen protector was also cracked kinda bad. Worst, my proximity sensor was either screwing up because of dirt, or, it needed to be replaced. I met a woman who started out a salelady, turned into a nice new friend. When she opened the case, it was lucky Ihad the case or they couldn't have taken it back. I should've showed it to Otterbox, yo this isn't military grade is it? I love my new faster iphone. If anyone has any thoughts on iPhone 8 tips or things I might have missed let me know. also I have two iPhone 5 I want to get rid of them. I know they both work, I forgot the icloud password for one of them, I don't want to reset it just for that. Anyone know where I can sell them for as much money as I can? I'll take 40 bucks if I can get it. Also fast payout would be great. Thanks.



Submitted by Serena on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

ok, firstly, that was kinda a bit of a ramble, not exactly clear on what you're asking here, not including the selling thing, that i'll get to in a bit.
as for the iphone 8 / 8 plus, they are awesome phones. i love my new iPhone 8 plus. it's fast, it works, it's battery life is awesome, and so is wireless charging. uh, exactly what else do you want to know? you could have found that much out by a simple google search. or even watching the keynote about iphone 8 coming out. lol.
as for selling, i'm afraid that unless you have not got find my iphone enabled on the one you don't know the password for, it can't be sold. if it's locked, you need to get into your account to unlock that device from your account.
as for selling, that depends on where you are. if you're in america, you could try i've herd good things about them. in australia, you could try, and anywhere else, i don't know. these services take your phone, check it, pay you what it's worth, and then either resell it, or take it apart for parts for repairing other devices, or even recycles them if they are too badly damaged.

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

When I upgraded from the 6S plus to the X, I chose to sell the old phone back to the carrier, Verizon in my case. I forget how much it was sold for, anyway, but there ya go. I don't keep older phones I deactivate thru the carrier anymore, it's a waste in my opinion.

Submitted by Rocker on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seriously folks! That is all an iPhone 5 is useful for today! Well… I suppose you could use it as an MP3 player! The iPhone 5 uses a 32 bit processor which is no longer supported by Apple! Not to mention, I bet those two units you have probably have one hour of battery life per charge cycle! Be a good citizen and recycle them immediately! HGH… Rocker