Thoughts on the 2021 Apple TV

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Just wondering if people are planning to purchase the 2021 Apple TV when it is released in a week or so. I have a Fourth Gen, which I use quite frequently. Honestly, I don't mind the touch pad on the remote, but the new remote with buttons does have me intrigued, so I may make the purchase.
I also like the idea of a faster processor.
Just wondering what others think about this device and if you are planning on purchasing the whole package or just the new remote.



Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Hi, I have the fourth genarition Apple TV, and i am happy with that. I don't any improovmant to purchas the new one, from what knowing to me, there is improovmants mostly with the visual things and not segnificant things that i can think of that related to blind people. Regarding the buttons it will be a touch button and not fisical buttons, I will be happy to correction if I don't exact. I will purchase new one if my current jen will be stop to gett updates. If it works i will continue with it and i don't see any reasen to upgrade my product. that's my nolage.

Submitted by Cobbler on Saturday, May 15, 2021

I'm more interested in the redesigned remote than the box itself, as I'm wondering if the use of physical buttons for screen navigation will resolve some of the issues of navigating the screen with the touchpad when using VoiceOver.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Saturday, May 15, 2021

I plan on upgrading to the new box, both for the faster speed and the new remote, for my primary device, in the living room. I also plan on putting my old, faithful 3rd Gen box out of service and placing my current 4th gen box into my master bedroom. Can't wait to get my hands on the new tech. If it wasn't for wanting to get away from the 3rd gen model, I might not upgrade, but it's pretty easy to justify the cash outlay, since I really don't care for that box, although, to be fair, I have been really glad to have that, much better than not having any TV access.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Saturday, May 15, 2021

Firstly, you can get the remote separately if you don't want to shell out for a whole new system and it is backwards compatible down to the Apple TV HD.

As another poster mentioned, the remote is going to be interesting. There is evidence that it will have some finding function built in, though this is only from code and the fact that Siri seems to think that a Siri Remote can be associated with the find my app.

Another thing to consider is the spacial audio prospect. I imagine that it will come out for the new Apple TV, though it will simply be surround sound virtualisation rather than having the head motion thing that works with iPhones and iPads.

Finally, it's future proofed. I expect that there will be features upcoming that the Apple TV 6 will gain to differentiate it further from the Apple TV HD which, considering it's six years old, is a terrible proposition. It might be like the HomePods gaining the ability to be paired with the Apple TV 4K, for example.

Finally finally.... If there are ever games that do make it to the Apple TV that are accessible, praying for titles as good as the last of us part II, it's good to have the punch under the hood. Using a combination of cloud and on device processing, the a12 chip is going to present as quite a capable gaming machine. Also notice the frame rate can be jacked to 60 FPS, which is good for all media, but especially for games.

My view is that the more games there are on the platform, the more likely we'll get some good games for us. It needs to be a dead cert for developers to invest good money in ports of games, even more so to add in accessibility features.

I'm quite excited to see what the future holds... Now where did I put that remote...