Thanksfor the podcast ad a question about Homepod Mini

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Hello Everyone,
I am María from Madrid, in Spain. I am thinking seriously about buying a HOmepod Mini, and I would like to thanks Thomas Donville (Anonimous) for the podcast serie which he is doing about this product, I listen all those podcast with a big interest so, many thanks. Regarding this, I would like to ask the following: I have in my Iphone a list of different podcast that I follow. If I have my Iphone (during the night) in fly mode, could I find the same list in my HOmepod (although the Iphone is in Fly MOde) and there is a way to navigate with the homepod through hte list and choose the podcast that I want to listen. As the podcast are in differet languages, if I say to Siri "play podcast xx" sometimes she doesn't understand me and because of this, I would like to be able to navigate in the HOmepod for my Iphone podcast list. Plaese, if you could show how to do it in one of those podcast, I would thank you a lot. Many many thanks again. María