switching from PC to Mac: which Mac should I buy?

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I want to switch from my outdated and arthritic windows machine to a MacBook Pro. My question is, which Mac model should I buy? I noticed that several people here have Mac 2013, which I know can be gotten rather cheaply from Amazon. Would it be worthwhile to invest in a Mac 2013 or should I try for a more up to date model? I'm interested in using Mojave and my computer update cycle is generally a computer every five years or so. So I want a system that will get MacOS updates at least for the next five years.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Saturday, September 29, 2018

first what are you going to do with your Mac? do you want it just for browsing the internet reading email, etc. or are you a power user i.e. going to be doing a lot of recording and sound editing? This would help determine if your better suited for an air or if you need something more powerful such as the mac book pro that's going to have a better processor, more ram, a bigger hard drive etc.

Also, what is your price range for a mac? You indicated that you wanted to probably buy used. Price range definitely dictates what you will be able to afford features wise.

I’m considering producing and editing music, something for which Windows isn’t really suited from an accessibility standpoint. While I’m a sucker for the latest and greatest Apple hardware, my finances just cant take the strain, hence the interest in an older used MacBook Pro model.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Sunday, September 30, 2018

I think you just answered the question with your response. You would want to get a mac book pro that's going to have more ram then the mac book air models then.
I looked at the used macs for awhile before finally deciding on buying new. Its hard to say what condition things will be in especially if you cannot see the pictures. It was too much of a gamble for me to say what the quality would be buying one without being able to see the condition and if there would be dents and scratches. Its definitely a hunt to find the right one used or refurbished with the specs that you would want for a computer with more power than the air. Also, a lot of the computers out there are several years old and I don't know how long apple will support those computers with updates.