Suggestions for blind accessible cooking thermometers with companion iOS apps

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Hi Everyone,
I wondered if you had any suggestions for blind friendly cooking thermometers.
I know that places like LS&S, and Independent Living Aids offer talking thermometers, but I'm looking for one I can pair to my phone to monitor meats that I may be cooking whether in the oven, smoker, or the grill.
IF it's able to have an alarm for when meats hit the specified temperature that's great.
Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Seanoevil on Monday, December 3, 2018

G'day Chuck,

When cooking BBQ, I use a Maverick Meat Thermometer, which pairs to my iPhone via BlueTooth.
Though it has capacity for four, this system comes with two wired probes, a battery powered base-station with a non accessible screen and three tactile buttons.
With the iChef App on my iPhone, I can read the temperature of up to four probes at a time , receive notifications and cancel alarms. The BluTooth range is good and the probes seem to show a true temp.

Be warned though, this App is only partially accessible. It is not possible with VO to set up timers or select any of the multitude of preset cooking guides, notifications, etc.
A simple workaround for this is to have a sighted Person set up the four probe slots for your most common cooks and you're good to go. I have one slot set for Ambient, so I know the BBQ Temp, one blank without preset alarms, one for Beef and one for Pork.


Submitted by Justin on Monday, December 3, 2018

I don't know about current access, but the iGrill line of thermometers was accessible a year ago. I haven't been using it as i just bought a talking thermometer, since the talking one is easier and instant. But for what you're wanting, the iGrill is right for you. It only runs on 2 AA batteries and will last for ever. There are alarms in the app and on the thermometer when the meat is reaching the temp, and when it reaches your set temp. There's a lot of stuff in the app, don't remember all that's there, but it seemed very usable.