strange things happening to my keyboards

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Okay so I have two keyboards. The one I am using now works for the most parts but keys seem to do different things than they used to, for example VO+- on muy Swedish would stop or pause actions. Sometimes now that is moved to VO + on my keybioard. Sometimes that command and sometimes the other will open to label element. This is on my Apple Wireless Keyboard and it has not acted this way before.
So I habve another keyboard that I was also satisfied with. The problem I have is that most keystrokes don't work at all. Like CMD+TAB wich usually would switch to next or previous app. It seems to think that my alt button is cmd. But on the button it says both cmd and alt and I have used it as an alt key before.
I am thankful for any light of the problem.
Note: I use iPad, just iPad.
The second keyboard is a zagg messenger folio and the other is an apple wireless keyboard.



Submitted by OldBear on Thursday, May 23, 2019

I don't know about the Apple wireless, but The Zagg might have a small, sliding toggle switch on the back that switches between modes for Microsoft, Android, and Apple. That would affect the command and ault keys.
Might not be the issue, but I'd check that first.

Submitted by Sasha Stride on Friday, May 24, 2019

Got a replacement of the Zagg keyboard and now it is working since I am typing on it. Not sure what that other issue is but that no longer matters as I have a functioning keyboard except for that other. The other is amazing but I think this is more sturdy. Now I have the problem that the keyboard on screen often shows up when I don
t want that.