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Hi everyone I have been reading about smart watches and have to admit the idea of having one seems a good idea to me. I like that I could check a message or email without taking my phone out of my pocket. But my slight issue is has anyone actually made a one that we can fully access? If anyone knows of any then please post a reply. Many thanks John



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Friday, December 13, 2013

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Hello John, Since AppleVis primarily focus on the Apple Products. At this time Apple does not have any kind of Smart Watches at this time. Apple does a pretty good job in keeping things under wraps until it has been released. I know there has been rumors of such thing by Apple but as like any other rumors. They are such that. Just rumors. There are no plan or knowledge if they will indeed release a Smart Watch. However, there is a Smart Watch that I have heard myself that does work but it is run by the Android OS and not the Apple iOS. So hopefully someone will be kind to post a link to an Android site that might have that information. In the meantime, keep checking back here on AppleVis. If Apple ever does release a Smart Watch. You will certainly hear about it here. HTH

Submitted by Tree on Friday, December 13, 2013

This is a topic I have been very interested in for a while now. It does seem like our best hope, for getting a truly amazing accessible smart watch, is with apple and who knows if, or when, that will ever happen. There is some reason to think that the Iwatch might come out late 2014, but who knows. Until then however, one thing I am interested in is android smart watches that you could connect to an iPhone. There is no reason, that I know of, that you could not connect a watch, running the android os, to an iPhone and there are some android based smart watches coming out right now. Most of these run custom Versions of android and I have been wondering what the chances are that one might be able to run one of the android screen readers on these watches. I know next to nothing about android so maybe someone who has more experience could shed some light on this topic. There are a few smart watches out there, like the Martian watches, that have a speaker and a microphone and you can at the very least use these with siri, which is pretty cool I think. Of course with these the issue would be weather or not you have to deal with complicated inaccessible menus. As far as the accessible android watch that someone already mentioned above if its the one I am thinking about I think calling it a smart watch is being a little charitable. From what I have seen its more like an overpriced talking watch that has a few extra features like an mp3 player. I am pretty sure that there is no way to connect it to your phone or to the internet which is the whole point of a smart watch. What is more this accessible watch cost as much as the real smart watches out there that do much more. I really do hope apple comes out with an iwatch, but in the mean time another thing I have been wondering about is having something we could where on our wrist which basically acts like a bluetooth head set with a speaker. it would have to have a2dp but you could just connect it to your phone and then talk to siri and stream all of your audio to your wrist. It would be especially cool if this gadget had arrow keys which would make it possible to Control voice over from your watch. I had a bluetooth keyboard case one time which had tiny little arrows on it that you could use to Control voice over and such arrows would fit on a watch. All of the technology that would be needed to make something like I have just described is out there and it would not be difficult to make this bluetooth head set like smart watch. I have done a lot of research but i have not really found any watches like this that seemed appealing. If there was such a device we could have a smart watch tha that would really be better in some ways then anything sighted people have right now because we could do on our wrist just about anything you can already do on your phone. Sorry that I have rambled for so long, but this is a topic I am really interested in and I have done a lot of research. if anyone els out there is interested in it I would love to bounce ideas off of you.