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Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a smart scale for me. I am totally blind and use a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. I'm looking for a scale that will be able to tell my weight, body fat percentage, and bmi. Obviously it needs an integrated application that will work. I don't mind spending around 100 or $150 if those skills work very well, but I would preferred to spend less if possible. Thanks a lot.



Submitted by david s on Thursday, February 16, 2017


I have a Withing wireless scale that connects to the withing app as well as my fitbit app.

The scale measures weight and body mass index. It has both wifi and Bluetooth. It’s a good scale but has some drawbacks. When you first setup the scale, sighted assistance is needed as the scale provides no feedback or sound to help guide you. With the body mass index, you need to stand on a certain part of the scale or your BMI will not be read correctly. It’s a smooth glass top so unless you can see where to stand, you will need to figure it out.

The app from withings is not completely accessable but is usable. You will find unlabeled buttons but it’s easy to figure it out. This also syncs with my fitbit app as well as the health app.

So if you want to know your weight and track it, this is a good scale. If you need or want to know your BMI or VFI, this scale might be a hit or miss. BTW, I also tried the fitbit aria and my experience with it is similar.

If you are still unsure, I would suggest buying it from a local store that will allow you to exchange or return the item if it’s not what you expected. If you have one, go to Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a no time limit and hassle free exchange/return policy.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Tree on Thursday, February 16, 2017

My wife and I use the Beet Blue smart scale, and it works great for us. It's totally accessible, you don't even need sighted help to set it up. When you want to weigh yourself you just open the app and stand on the scale, the scale beeps once to say it is starting the process; after that the self voicing app announces your info. I would really recommend this scale, it retails for around sixty dollars, but you can sometimes find deals for less.

Thanks yeah that one sounds like a very good option. When I click the link, I was unable to find a link so I can order the scale. Do you have a link that will bring me directly to somewhere I can order it? Thanks a lot for your help

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