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Does anybody use a smart lock with a tactile keypad. If not how have you labeled the touchpad? I live in an area where the weather is hot cold damp and dry so I need something that works in all the weather for labeling. Looking for a smart lock that works with iPhone and without iPhone. Thank you! Sa



Submitted by Travis Roth on Friday, March 8, 2019

First, I do not have a smart lock. That said I've done some limited research while considering it before. While surely not the only option, the one smart lock family that has a keypad and is promoted is August. So if you Google for August smart lock and keypad you'll find various August locks that work with their keypad. Of course, don't forget the accessibility of the apps you need to use on your phone to make it a truly smart lock. And that I don't know about perhaps there is some info already on AppleVis? Otherwise you may be the first and then please contribute your findings as applicable! <smile>
As for your second question of making touchscreens accessible this can be tricky. Of course if you're dealing with an old-style touchscreen that actually isn't truly touch sensitive but rather is capacitive you can touch it lightly and not activate it. Like many microwaves and older ovens, so you can stick dots on them. I'm sure you know that though. For the new touchscreens that are touch sensitive it can just depend. For example, I have a new range in the kitchen with a touch-sensitive screen for operating the oven. There is a fair amount of space between each button and they are static at least, not changing uses like they do on an iPhone. So for this I marked around the buttons using Sugru which is a permanent glue that when it dries it cures into rubber/silicon; and it can stick to glass. SO it is still a bit tedious to use as I have to look for my outline, track to the button I want then press it but it works. Now depending on where you live would you want to try this outside when it is many degrees below freezing like it has been in my city that is another matter. Extra tip: Sugru is durable and excellent in the kitchen for marking things replacing old stick on dots as it can be washed and won't fall off. No more Surprise! the cleaning lady has knocked the dots off the microwave.
Last thought, as cool as a smart lock sounds, you may consider if it is truly necessary? I considered it but in the end for my needs a more basic electronic lock and keypad combo serves my purpose for the time being allowing me to type in the code and not carry a key, and it is not dependent on a mobile app that may break VoiceOver on its next update. Not saying I still might not upgrade some day, but there are times when less smart is beneficial it seems.

Submitted by hq89 on Friday, March 8, 2019

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Thank you that information is very helpful and much appreciated!