Smart home question thread

Hardware & Accessories

I have so many questions about Smart devices and how it all works. So I was hoping that creating a jumbo thread could bring all of the answers together in one place!

First things first, which hub seems to work the best?
What are the differences between Apple, Google, and the Amazon smart home hubs? I am leaning towards Amazon Alexa because there are so many fun things to add and play around with, but is it as accessible?

To my knowledge, should be fairly easy to connect a lot of things together. And once it’s all set up I can access any of them by my phone if I’m out somewhere. What are your opinions on how useful certain things are?

Below is a list of different smart devices that I’ve heard of and would love to know which ones are most accessible or popular with the voiceover community:

Power outlets
Air conditioners
Door locks
Security systems

I’m really interested to learn about all of this cool smart stuff, And I hope you guys can help me out! Anything remotely related to any smart devices as welcome in this thread, and I hope it will help out other people in the future.



Submitted by Eric Davis on Friday, November 22, 2019

I figured to take the lazy rout and stuck with Apple. I got a thermusdat by ecobi it is the ecobi 4. I set it up with the assistance of the man who installed it. My wife assisted with the fine tuning of the device. If I were to do it again, the only part I would require help with is the code that is displayed on the device to connect with home kit. I have also set up Alexa on the device as well. I have two Apple TV boxes as well. Now both of my TVs talk at me to. One of them is my hub. It all shows up on my MAC and iPhone. Now I want a smart lock for my front door. Please Mr. Claws!