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HI guys, especially those who might have still as a relic, or had iPhones 4S: I came from a 4S, which lasted with me a year; it's now my Dad's, but I'd like to share with you'll what happened during this year, hoping maybe I could shed some light: The 4S started out great! Everything ran smoothly, upon the update all the way from iOS7.1.1 to 9.1. Starting maybe a month and a half after I got it, all of a sudden, it started making this loud hissing noise all of a sudden; so loud that VO couldn't be heard over the static! Generally the two or three times this happened over the coming months, turning the 4S off/on made the phone run as usual.
OK so let's go to maybe April or May: the cable company from which we get Internet was doing maintance on the Internet itself, thus when I'd get no Internet through WiFi on my 4S I didn't think much of it, however things started getting weird when supposedly the Internet got fixed, and here on my Laptop WiFi and Internet never failed afterwards! while on my 4S I got it but it was very intermitent; I went to visit my paternal grandmother, and when I didn't get WiFi on my 4S, now that's when I really started worrying! Sometimes I'd regain the use of the WiFi antenna especially upon restoring of updating iOS, but the joy only lasted for maybe a day and a half, after which no WiFi! having to rely on my Data plan, thus hardly using the 4S during the last months i had it.
What might have caused the static sound, and the WiFi antenna failure? Maybe the two or three accidental drops of the phone, aside from the vulnerability of which I heard a lot in its time of the 4S problems with the WiFi antenna adding up? Did any of you guys have these experiences with your 4S ever?



Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, November 24, 2016

Unfortunately that's the way of things nowadays, Apple wants you to upgrade, so they're going to optimize iOS so that it runs better on newer hardware. We're up to the iPhone 7 now so i'm actually sort of amazed you were able to make the 4s work as well as it did!

Yes very interesting what you say of making the 4S or other older models work as expected or even better than expected! You see here in Mexico and Latinamerica, the iPhone prices, and if we want to add the economic situation not only for the blind, but for the rest of the mortals, getting an iPhone's recent model can be a daunting task! Imagine the iPhone 7 here in Telcel, sales for $14000 (US$680); as a thought to ponder, would you guys buy an iPhone that sales for US$14000? Yes the currency conversion works to kind of seeing if the iPhones are priced right or a bit higher than in the US., but the spending of the actual money IN RELATION TO THE INFLATION AND OTHER ECONOMIC FACTORS? Anyway so at least my trend (and several blind iPhones users, to buy two-or three-year-old new models (in their original Apple boxes and with their Apple accessories yes) and make due with these. Why would we want a new model, if generally after two years, the Home button starts to go, or the battery? and even worse here in Mexico, no Apple Store is available! the most is Office Depot, or IShop, being more feasible to buy another phone rather to repair. So yes back to the original post, one has to make do with older models in these less-developped economies. So yes it's sometimes a miracle what can be done with older phones!

Submitted by Ornella on Thursday, November 24, 2016

I have an Iphone 4s that I use currently and I haven't had any of those problems. I mean sometimes it sticks or freezes up but I don't really have any problems with it. Plus its the cheapest phone I could've gotten at the time because that's what I can afford.