Seeking tips for cleaning the Macbook Pro Built-in Keyboard

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Can anyone suggest a way to clean a Macbook built-in keyboard? Some keys make some kind of clicking sound as if there is something stuck around. I doubt that there has been something that makes this clicking sound. In my previous laptops before mac, I was taking apart the whole thing and clean the area under the keyboard which was usually very dusty. Things are totally different here, the upper part of the Mac is unremovable so it seems to me not easy to do extensive cleaning.



Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi. Grab a come of compressed air, put the straw nozzle in, and tiling your mac, say over a track can, spray everything you can. After that, and i should've started out with this, punlug your mac from a power source as well as power it completely off. Then, after you've tilted it to spray whatever you can, take a disinfecting wipe, say from chlorox, and wipe all the keys. Then spread the mac open, and let it air dry for awhile. see if those help.

Submitted by Maldalain on Monday, May 25, 2015

THank you for the recommendation. That worked really well with the keyboard. Any other suggestions to clean the area down the screen where it stands and meets with the actual body of the mac? A sighted person was using it the other day and she told me that it is dusty around hinges. Will the compress air and wipes trick work? Will the compress air push the dust into the the mac? Can I use a vacuum cleaner with suction power in minimum to suck in that dust? I am phobic against dust and really serious to keep all of my stuff clean all the time, so this is why I am insisting on the issue.
Thanks, again.

Submitted by david s on Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Personally, I don’t use compressed air very much to clean my electronics. The air blows the dust into the equipment as well as into the surrounding air. Instead, I use a vacuum with a dust brush attachment. A good vacuum with good suction works better for me than compressed air. I like Rainbow as oppose to a Dyson, but that’s a discussion for the vacuum forums.

To clean a non removable keyboard from a laptop. Turn the unit off then with the lid open or closed, turn it upside down and shake side to side then up and down. Turn it right side up then vacuum the keyboard section. Then while you’re at it, vacuum the vent holes, crevices between the display and keyboard. Carefully vacuum around any opening such as the DVD slot. In essence, you are trying to suck up all the dust and debris that accumulated in your system. If you have a desktop, do the same thing paying close attention to the vent holes.

Dust accumulation on the heatsink and other parts may cause heat build up over time and hence, affect your system performance.

HTH and happy cleaning.

Submitted by Maldalain on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thanks for the tips. That really helped, it really cleaned the whole thing. I do notice that keyboard is much more pleasant to type on now.