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Hello everyone,
I’ve overlooked the Apple Watch for years, mostly because I figured I could do everything faster and easier on my iPhone. Now, however, I’m starting to wonder if it could have some benefits for me. I’m very interested in using the activity app and the rings to be a motivational tool. I also think it would be highly convenient to be able to take calls or see messages right there on your wrist, whenever I don’t have my phone handy.
To that end, I’m wondering how you all use your Apple Watches. Do you have one and love it? Did you have one and hate it? What do you find most useful about the device? Do you use it to take calls, send texts, and view notifications, or do you simply use it as a tool to follow your workouts?
If I get one, I’m really thinking of going with the series 6, just because it’ll last me longer than the SE.
Thanks for all of your help, opinions, and thoughts.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Someone gave me the Series 3 and I like that I could check time, message that I did not care to do with iPhone. Answer calls when my phone was not next to me, like the faces. The ECGTG is great and if you like to keep track of your sleep is nice. Used it for a week but it was not for me. However I like it so much that I got the Series 5. Always wear a watch and now I can keep doing so. Check the many podcast by David on applewatch 101. David did a great job of setting it.

Submitted by MelodicFate on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Thanks for your thoughts. It's a good sign that you liked it well enough to purchase the series 5. I love David's podcasts on the watch, they were one of the reasons I really started considering getting one.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I also have a series 5. I primarily got it for the fitness tracking stuff. I like being able to share my rings with friends and the workout achievements, (although I wish Apple would let you see the ones your friends have). I thought of it like a new game. The novelty of that quickly wore off for me, but there's still something that makes you want to finish it off if you get really close to closing a ring. I like how watchOS7 lets you customize all your rings, not just your move ring. I'm interested to try out Fitness Plus if it's accessible.

I love the hand washing detection in this on going age of covid. It's neat how the watch starts a countdown to make sure I get the full 20 seconds, though it starts at different points each time; sometimes it will start counting down from 14 seconds, others 10 or less. I haven't figured out why it does that though. And if I stop before the countdown finishes, I get a gentle reminder of the recommended time, but it doesn't do it in a disciplining parent kind of way. Yeah, there are hand washing siri shortcuts you can use on your iPhone that give you a timer with and without music, but with the watch on you don't have to think about it. I did have it wrongly trigger the countdown once though. I was playing with my dog and my watch thought I was moving my hands in and a way that it started the hand washing countdown. lol

I thought I would use it to play music with my airpods Pro, but I don't really because VO sounds and speech get in the way. There's no way to mute the speech from the watch or turn off audio ducking. It gets annoying when I'm playing a song and the sound of my screen locking suddenly pops up. I do however, like how the now playing app comes up whenever you start paplaying media on your iPhone, which gives you a quick way to turn the volume up rather down with the digital crown.

Thanks for your thoughts. The activity rings are what made me first think that maybe I should get one. Makes fitness more fun, you know? I think it's interesting that you can share your progress with your friends.
Lol that's funny about your watch thinking you were washing your hands while playing with your dog.
Your talking of playing music on the watch reminded me of something I'm curious about. Is it possible to switch playing music between your watch and phone? As you have AirPods, how well would you say that switching between the watch and phone works?
I'm afraid that the novelty would wear off for me as well, but there are just a lot of things that I think maybe the watch would make easier.

Submitted by Tanya Harrison on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Club AppleVis Member

My first AppleWatch in 2017 was a series 1, I went to a Series 3 last year, and I went to a Series 6 two weeks ago. Having the move goals definitely got me motivated. I wasn't interested in sharing them with friends but I like following my own progress. Every 20 days I increase my move rings and now I've consistently beaten them for nearly 800 days, my joint pain is gone. I also love the watch for tracking sleep, but as I struggle with a regular bedtime, I prefer a non-native app for that. I use the breathe feature during meditation. All the heart related features are very handy too. I do use it for answering calls and checking messages when I can't get to my phone. I have never regretted having an AppleWatch, even though I deleted a lot of apps I prefer to use on my iPhone.

Thank you very much for your thoughts. The health features are what first made me consider finally getting one, particularly the activity rings. Knowing that they've helped you is very encouraging, as is the fact that you've consistently upgraded. I'm glad it's turned into a device you use so regularly.

Everytime I use it, I felt that I was told to go to bed. Did not care much when I was young to be told to go to bed and do not care that Series 5 is ordering me to bed.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A few other things. I thought the sleep tracking would be cool, but I don't use it because I find wearing the watch while I sleep to be uncomfortable; I have a sport loop.

The thing that had me considering the watch a few years ago was the breathe app for meditation. I really need to use that more.

As for switching music between phone and watch, I don't use that much since I mostly just use the now playing app on the watch as a remote control for whatever I have playing on my phone. I've found that my air pods switch perfectly fine when I start playing music on the watch after playing from the phone. It won't autoswitch when VO starts talking on the other device, which is what I think everyone wanted. I don't really care about that, though.

Taking calls on the watch feels kind of futuristic, it's neat. I can't get it to work with FaceTime though; the call always drops after a couple minutes.

Submitted by MelodicFate on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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I doubt I'll use sleep tracking, so that's okay. The breathing app does sound interesting. I'll definitely have to try it out if I get the watch.
I'd most likely use the watch more as a music remote too, but I'm very glad to hear that AirPods switch pretty seamlessly when playing audio from one device or the other. I'm completely fine with the AirPods not switching when VoiceOver talks, since I think that'd probably end up annoying me. :)
Interesting to hear that about FaceTime. A bit disappointing, really. Guess I'll just have to see on that one. Gotta admit though, it sure seems neat to be able to take a call from your watch!
Your comments have been very helpful. Thank you.

Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hi. For me, I dislike samantha with a passion only compared to people who prey on children for their own means. So I wouldn't do it, and i've heard the Siri voices may be lagging but don't quote me on that. Do i secretly harbor a watch wish? Yep. ;)

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I do use it for lots of things.

  • Fitness tracking, workouts and all that jazz. I've set personal goals to complete and it actually makes me to go and do stuff so I guess it works well on making me more active
  • Recorder: In combination with Just press record, although i guess you could use built in VoiceMemos for that, I use the watch as a recorder to capture quick audio if needed. I am a journalist, and it's actually saved me a few times when I need to talk to a source on the phone quickly and am not at my desk where I can record calls easily.
  • I also use Drafts extensively in my workflow. It's on my watchface and tapping the complication allows me to dictate a note for later processing on my iPad or Mac.
  • I use Omnifocus for my tasks and it's very convenient to display for example a shopping list on my watch while in the store, ticking off things I already added to my basket.
  • Apple pay for paying in places. I've actually ditched my wallet for most occasions and don't bother to bring it with me.
  • Calls, Thats mostly at home.
  • Using it as a remote for audio playback on the Homepods or Apple TV.
  • In general an extension for my phone to check important notifications. I distinguish important and less important apps, so if it buzzes my wrist, I know it's probably something I'd need to know. Less important stuff appears silently just on the phone.

I don't use the sleep as it doesn't provide enough data, I have another device for that, and wearing a watch to bed mostly seems weird.

I, too, despise Samantha. If I get a watch, I most definitely plan to use Siri as the voice. So, if anyone has a watch and uses Siri as their main voice, I'd definitely appreciate some input on this.
So glad I'm not the only one with the watch wish!

Wow, thank you very much for taking the time to go that in-depth with your use case. I definitely appreciate it.
Looks like I may need to look into some of the apps you've highlighted, as I use none of them currently. That's awesome that the watch has helped you out in your work.
I'm planning to use the fitness goals as a motivator, just as you do.
I admit, I'm not big on Siri, which is why I always scoffed at the watch. I'm hoping that it's more accurate on the watch than it is on the phone!
I would definitely go in and pick and choose which notifications I'd want on the watch.
Also? I've never used Apple Pay. Am I missing out? I gotta say, paying for something with your watch just seems cool.