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In our house we have a wall clock which also shows the current indoor and outdoor temperatures on the LCD display. We often look at it to decide in the summertime whether or not to open the windows and turn on the attic fan to cool down the house. Unfortunately, as my vision has gotten worse, I can no longer make out what is on the display, and I haven’t found any apps that can successfully read the display for me (neither Seeing AI nor Envision AI will do it). So, for now I have to rely on sighted assistance if I want to know what the current temperature is.

I wonder if there’s a more accessible way to do this. Are there, for example, thermometers that can be paired with an IOS device, say through HomeKit, so that I can look up the temperature myself without having to rely on an LCD display? I know there are smart thermostats, but I’m not looking for anything that elaborate. Just a simple device for checking the temperature, in an accessible way.

Can anyone recommend something that would fit my needs? I’m worried that what I’m looking for is too basic and may therefore not exist, since every example I’ve heard of with HomeKit involves much more than just looking up a number.



Submitted by Alex Marositz on Friday, June 28, 2019

Sorry to hear, and, you are right. This isn't as easy of a problem as I first thought. I am kind of an IOT nut and nothing comes to mind. Home-kit options are overkill for what you need. I suggest looking in to a Bluetooth temperature sensor, not Home-kit. I can't recommend any though because I haven't tried any of them. The good news is you can pick one up at a hardware store, try the app and if it doesn't work, bring it back.
You could, of course, set up a scene to do all of this for you but that would cost a lot, and would probably only work some of the time. lol.

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