Seeking recommendations and feedback on home security systems which are accessible on iOS

Hardware and Accessories


Currently I have Protect America as my home alarm monitoring service but their app is not accessable and trying to get them to understand is all but impossible. So my contract is about to expire and I will be looking for a new provider. So does anyone out there have any recommendations? Is the app provided accessable? I have a GE Simon XT GSM so it should work with most monitoring services but if I need to get new equipment, that’s fine too.

Also, does anyone have any experience with Skybell or similar products? For those not familiar, this replaces the door bell or door chime depending where you are. When someone approaches your front door, you’ll get a chime on your IOS device and you will be able to see and hear who is at the door. You can see and have a conversation with them and they will not know if you’re home or not. The video is one way, you can see them but they can’t see you.

Lastly, is anyone using a Bluetooth door lock? Is it worth it? Does it work well?

If you have any experience or suggestions about this topic, please post.



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