Seeking musical keyboards I can use with my iPad Mini 3

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I am looking for a musical keyboard I can use with my ipad mini 3 and also my computer. I'd like to be able to plug a sustain peddle into it and have midi capabilities.
Anyone have a suggestion? That would be the best day ever.



Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I have the iRig Keys; it's a great little synth-weighted mini keyboard with MIDI functionality, and it does have a sustain pedal input. You're not going to be able to easily play it like a full-sized keyboard because of the miniature size, but I've actually managed to play it like a piano without too much difficulty, after a little effort. If you're wanting to use it as a midi controller, though, it should do the trick. There's a review of it on Applevis somewhere that's worth checking out.

Submitted by Lou Smith on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If you are looking for a keyboard with full-sized keys, this might be worth considering as well. Both keyboards are identical with 37 keys, but the pro version has full-sized keys. I've not found much in the area of accessible software beyond Garage Band, and Mitosynth, which are somewhat accessible. Also, the work-around for switching octaves are two buttons that will increase and decrease the keyboard range by one octave. Best of luck.


Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

As long as the keyboard has midi ports, it should work. I purchased a lightening to usb adapter along with a usb to midi adapter. When I connected the two, I had a link from my keyboard to my iPhone. I was able to use Garageband on my iPhone to select software instruments and play the notes on my keyboard. I have both an 88-key roland and a 61-key Casio and both worked with GarageBand on my iPhone just fine. I find playing with Garageband and Logic pro on my mac to be fun with my keyboard connected via a midi to usb adapter.

Submitted by Imaginingstuff on Thursday, March 10, 2016

You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Submitted by David Truong on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hey there,
All you need to get most midi controllers / midi keyboards to work on your IOS device is Apple's lightning to USB3 Camera Kit. The awesome thing about this camera kit is the extra lightning port for charging your IOS device whilst playing your keyboard. So no worries about your iPhone or iPad etc running out of power. :). I also would recommend the Nekter Impact GX midi controller / keyboard. that's what I'm using to run iGrand Piano, iElectric Piano, Korg Module synth, Grain Science and Mitosyynth just to name a few.

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