Seeking iPhone xR Case Suggestions

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Hi all,
My iPhone 7 has been giving me a lot of trouble, so I have decided to upgrade to an xR. I am now in search of a good case for it. I’ve used Life-Proof cases for years with great luck, but I hear that the newer Life-Proofs are flying apart on impact and leaking around the lightning port. OtterBox is what everyone suggests next, but they are so thick that I don’t think I could easily use the phone one handed. I hold my phone up in portrait mode in my left hand to use the camera for AIRA too much to have a case that’s hard to hold. I have tiny hands anyway, so I’m afraid a thick OtterBox on a wider phone might make for disaster. A lot of people also seem to recommend the Nomad Rugged case which sounds perfect except for the lack of an edge around the screen. I’m considering getting that one with a tempered glass screen protector but would like some more input first. Have any of yu used the Nomad case with tempered glass successfully, or do you have other recommendations? Good drop protection is a must because my phone hits concrete more often than I care to admit. :)



Submitted by brandon armstrong on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I'm wondering what case to get my self for my xr, a couple of days ago, we had some bad weather here where I live and we had a power outage that lasted until yesterday after noon, needless to say during that time I could not charge my phone and it lasted until about eight central time yesterday morning and then it completely died, forcing me to have to go to a local business and stay their for quite sometime to charge my phone. what I would like to know is has anyone used the smart battery cases that apple has advertised for the xr and if so how good are they in terms of protection and how quickley will one of them charge an iphone xr?