Seeking a good quality bluetooth speaker

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Looking for a wireless speaker with the quality of bose. I had a JBS rechargeable wireless that not only was able to listen to music but also recharge my iPhone. One year and is died. Any suggestion for one that is notspensive and is good quality and accessible to me.



Submitted by Matthew on Friday, January 9, 2015

Hi, I highly recommend the sony SRSX-5 or SRSX-7. The sound quality is excellent on both, and the SRSX-7 also has many other connection options. The thing that isn't completely accessible with these models is the controls on the top, which are all touch sensitive. With a little work though, you can easily figure out where all these controls are located, as there are only 5 or so.

Submitted by Raul on Saturday, January 10, 2015

If you live in Europe go for the Denon Envaya mini, way better than the bose soundlink mini and soundlink colour, and only for 99 euro.