A review of the Iphone 5 S

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Hi, I just wanted to do a review on my Iphone 5 S. I got my 5 S on Christmas and I love it. I have sprint. I got my Iphone in the Apple store. I got to set it up and I also set touch ID. I never had an Iphone but I enjoied the set up. I got to download all of my apps. My Phone can run much faster and I like that. I think that Apple did a good job with the 64 bit processer. The phone just feels like I am using a computer. The apps work grate. I have not downloaded the Iwork and Ilife sweet yet. I will have to try them out. I am not a new B to the Iphone because I have an Ipod touch 5th gen and An Ipad third gen. After close to a month with the phone, I enjoy it a lot.



Submitted by treky fan on Saturday, January 18, 2014

I've had an i-phone 5s for a month now, and i love mine as well. Way faster than the 4s I had. However, I do have one question. When using touch id and you get a notification, is there some way to open that app without having to scan your finger? I have done it with siri, but find that this takes longer, depending on what app gave you the notification.

Unfortunately, any time you wish to unlock your device and you have a passcode/Touch ID enabled, you must use the passcode/Touch ID.

Submitted by Anne Mauro on Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good review I have an iphone 4s. I like itbut I need help with the iphone keyboard. I need help with typing.