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I'm thinking about getting the AirPod 2 to use with my iPhone XR. I never had the old AirPods and thought that this might be the time to fish in now that the AirPods have "hey Siri" enabled.

I can't decide whether or not it is worth getting the AirPod that includes the wireless charging case along with a wireless charging mat or just get the AirPods with the normal carrying case. The price adds up when one adds the charging mat to the upgrade for the special case.

Also, if I do decide to go for the charging, I'm wondering which charging mats people would recommend that could simultaneously charge my iPhone and AirPods and if it is worth getting a special dual charging mat.

Anyway, I would appreciate hearing about other peoples' experiences and any suggestions folks have.





Submitted by Vash Rein on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Look at the choetech dual charger with five coils. It has usb c and Chargers iPhones at 7.5 W, Samsung phones at 10 W, and AirPods at the standard 5 W Apparently, it takes the place it anywhere on the pad approach like air power was supposed to. It is ranked very highly and is a dual charger for iPhones and AirPods or two iPhones or two mobile phones or really any two devices that are wireless

Submitted by Chris Bruinenberg on Sunday, April 7, 2019

I really like my nomad wireless hub. It has 3 coils that charge at 10 wats.
It cost 99 bucks but the nice thing is:
1. has a usb c port on the back, so you can charge your ipad or any usb c device that is 18 wats.
2. has a 7.5 wot usb port for a watch or any other products.…
good luck, i'd also suggest the samsung charger.
it has a built in fan to keep things cool.…

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Jut order one. I do have several wireless charger but they do not charge my phone completely. After a wile it stop charging my iPhone Does anyone have this issue with your charger? I have to remove iPhone and put it back in the charger to start all over again.

On Amazon I see two 5 coil Choetech wireless chargers, one for $34 and one for $50. They both look similar except one claims not to be compatible with charging AirPod 2 while the other claims that it includes and adapter that will allow it to charge AirPod 2 devices.

so I am a bit confused. If one buys the AirPod 2 with the wireless charging case, shouldn't that work on any wireless charging device even without any special adapter? What is the adapter Choetech is talking about on their web page?

What I am expecting is that, if I buy the AirPod 2 with the wireless charging case then I should be able to put both my iPhone XR and my AirPod 2 on the mat and wirelessly charge both simultaneously. Is this possible or not?


BTW, I did look at the Samsung wireless charger for two devices. Although it looked pretty nice, I wasn't intrested in the stand and it was $99. Plus, I don't think I would like having an internal fan since I will put this on the bedstand where I sleep.


Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, April 8, 2019

I have been looking for quite some time to find a wireless charging pad which I can also plug my Apple Watch into. What I want is something that allows the phone to lay flat on a surface, since I won't be utilizing the phone while in either the vertical or horizontal positions. I would prefer it to just lie flat on my nightstand as it does now. In addition, I want to be able to plut my watch cable into the same pad and lay the watch on the phone charging pad, too. I use a closed bracelet style watchband so I don't know if wireless charging will ever be possible for my Apple Watch anyway. So many of the devices I have considered want to elevate either the phone, the watch or both at the same time. I realize this is for obvious sighted user convenience but I would like everything to be flat. Does anyone know of a device that will fit my criteria?

Hey Pete! From what I've read over the past few weeks, the nomad wireless hub mentioned here should do the trick. I don't own AirPods 2, but I have read that it supports them. Apple does list some wireless charging solutions (including the nomad wireless hub... I think) on the Apple Store website so you may want to look there and then shop around to see if someone else is offering the stuff for a cheaper price. I know nomad had a sale going on last week for some of their wireless stuff so you might want to check out their site. (Full disclosure: The sale might be done or not extend outside of Canada since the Apple news site I follow is for Canadians like myself.)

Anyway, hopefully that helps. Would love to hear how your search turns out since I've been mulling over upgrading to AirPods 2 as well. ;)

Submitted by peter on Monday, April 8, 2019

On Amazon the $34 version and the $50 version look much the same except for the references to charichargning AirPods. From the description, the $50 version seems to come with a special "adapter" that must be used to charge AirPods while the $34 version says that it won't charge AirPods.

I'm wondering if the diference is that these summaries were written before the AirPod 2 devices with the wireless charging case came out. Is it possible that the "adapter" that supposedly comes with the $50 version is a case that wraps around the AirPod case for AirPod cases that don't charge wirelessly? I've seen some devices like that on net. It seems to me that if the AirPod 2 wireless charging case is a QI compatible device then any charger ought to be able to be used to charge it.

I've tried to enquire with Choetech support but their ansers aren't entirely clear.

I don't want to spend extra money if I don't have to, but maybe the extra $16 between the two versions is worth not taking the risk.



Submitted by peter on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Looks like I want the $50 Choetech version listed on Amazon. Here is the response I received from Choetech support:

"We would recommend the $50 version. It can charge both your iPhone XR and AirPod 2 wireless charging case.

The $34 version is not compatible with AirPod and it only provide standard charging speed."
Hope that helps someone else also!