read an interesting review, external battery with audio status indicators

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A few days ago I read an interesting review of several external batteries, you would use these to recharge devices when you don't have a plug near by. I haven't scene anything about them posted on Apple vis, so thought I would post a link to the review. What makes these batteries sound particularly interesting is the fact that two of the batteries that this review mentions have audio status indicators to give an idea of remaining charge, and also when a device is connected to the battery. apparently the batteries also support a few different languages for these indications than just english. I don't think the batteries can indicate when they are fully charged, but as far as I am aware these audio indications are unique on the marcket. I did write to the support address suggesting this enhancement to indicate when the battery was fully charged, and was given a website for there media people to submit the idea, so that suggests they are not two interested. Never the less, they sound interesting products, I would definitely by one if they had higher capacity, as I think these can only recharge the iPhone once or twice. The link to the i lounge review is below, I will be interested to hear other peoples reviews of these, what the speech quality is like etc. I think there might be some links on youtube to reviews. Please note the i lounge review reviews 4 batteries in one, so not all of them talk, but it is clearly indicated which the talking ones are. I lounge link is