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I'm thinking of making a raised guide to lay over the iPhone screen that will make using the phone keypad quicker and easier. I used to have something like this on a microwave oven back in the 90s, just a sheet of plastic with holes punched out where the numbers were. A sighted person made it for me though.
Does anyone have ideas for materials that would work with the screen, and methods for constructing something like this without having to ask a sighted person for help?
I'm not sure of the best way to transpose the exact position of the buttons on the screen to the guide, otherwise a paper card with holes in it would even work.



Submitted by OldBear on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Thanks. I will consider that.
I'm still going to try to figure out how to make a card with holes punched out for the phone buttons because I want it to be easily removable and out of the way, unlike a screen protecter. I'm taking measurements of the keypad to make a template.
Also, if it were made of something like an index card with holes over the numbers, which will only conduct to the screen where the numbers are, I think I would be less apt to goof up the numbers, unlike feeling for a raised dot.
I have to use a service over the phone that requires several long numbers to be entered, as well as several numbered menus. It's very frustrating not having physical buttons.

Submitted by Bobby on Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Have you heared about the RiVo Keyboard? It has the size of a credit card. It is connected via bluetooth to your iPhone. It could be the device that could save your problem.