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Hi. I just want to get some opinions on the 15 inch MacBook pro with retina display.
That is the new computer I will eventually purchase. I have a broken MacBook air with an extremely small hard drive which failed. I don't want to purchase a new MacBook air because I'm worried that it won't have enough space for me to download xcode, so I will get the macBook Pro with 512 gigabytes of SSD.



Submitted by Tyler on Friday, March 18, 2016

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When purchasing a Macbook Air from the Apple Online Store, there is a customization for 512 gigabytes of flash storage. I have an 11 inch Macbook Air with 512 gigabytes and 8 gigabytes of ram and it seems to satisfy my needs, although I am not a developer.

Submitted by molly on Friday, March 18, 2016

The MacBook air is too small for me. I want a computer with a bigger screen. Although when I bought the MacBook air at the time I didn't know anything about computers other than I no longer wanted to use Jaws. I feel like I know so much more now, though I'm no expert. I found with the macBook air I could not update xcode, and now matter how many files I deleted, the hard drive space would just get smaller and smaller.

Submitted by Justin on Saturday, March 19, 2016

I've got an older MBP, non retina, however it's the 15 inch mid 2012 with 500GB internal flash disk. My original mechanical 500GB disk failed last summer and have been using the flash drive for almost a year or so,and love it. You can get a 13 inch air, however I don't think they have a quad core like they do in the pro 15 inch. I'm thinking of buying either a 13 inch air with everything maxed out, memory, ram, etc or going with a MBP 15 inch again with everything maxed out. Personally I love the mac as you don't always have to buy new machines every 2 years or so. I've seen some that last 4 or more years.

Submitted by molly on Saturday, March 19, 2016

My mac book air lasted five years. I once had a pc that didn't even last a year. Also, before my hard drive in my mac failed, the charger stopped working. I feel very sad about my mac and will get a new one. With a much bigger SSD. I just love the mac. And I think it's great you can install windows on it if you need to.

Submitted by david s on Saturday, March 19, 2016


If your hard drive failed or you're running out of disk space, you can always replace it with a 500GB or 1TB SSD. YOu can also purchase a replacement adapter. If you have some usable vision but want a larger screen, you can get a 23 or 27 inch LED display an connect your MBA to it.

If you're set on getting a new macbook and plan to take it with you everywhere you go, a 13 inch might be better. Get a 13 MBP and max everything out. I have a 17 inch MBP but now wish I got the 13. It's bigger which is great but it's also heavier.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by molly on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Hello. I didn't think SSD was replaceable. I wonder if the 15 inch MacBook Pro would be too heavy... I plan to take it to college... Maybe I'll go with the 13 inch... Though I like the bigger screen. I can't decide...

Submitted by Justin on Saturday, March 19, 2016

The 15 inch is a little weighty, but it's not overbearing within a backpack. I've purchased like 4 or 5 adapters, because they fail. I've had macBook pros for 5 years now, and the chargers fail after a couple years of use due to the way the cables are engineered. I spoke to a guy at the apple store last sumer when I replaced my charger that had failed, and he said that these chords don't like to bend and usually fray at the end where the charger connects to the computer. Also, don't buy the cheap $20 fake apple MagSafe adapters. They're not built like the apple adapters. If this one that I purchased fails, then I'll buy one on amazon for around $70 or so.