Question regarding selecting the music on iTunes using windows pc with jaws.

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Friends, I am using Pc with xp OS and jaws 14, I have iTunes 11. Friends I know how to creat playlist but I am Unable to select Multiple songs at diffrent numbers. For eg. There are 100 songs, I Want Track 5, Track10 Track 15 and so on. so I can select multiple track together and put them in to 1 playlist. I am trying to use ctrl+spacebar Which we generally use to select diffrent item at 1s from list, but this is not working in itunes. this makes process of adding tracks to playlist a lengthy, as I have to put arrow on desired song and press application key and go to add to playlist submenu and press enter on desired playlist. If I could select Multiple desired songs then I have to press application key ones and add tracks to the playlist. any suggestion to do this task? Thanking you.



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, March 10, 2014

Have you tried using shift down arrow to select multiple tracks.

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, March 10, 2014

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Hello Zoher, I've been using iTunes on Windows for years, and the method you described is unfortunately the best way I've found to add tracks to a playlist. The only potential advice I can offer is that it is quicker to find the add to playlist menu if you hit the applications key and then navigate to it using the up arrow key. (I've down-arrowed through that list plenty of times to know that up arrowing is a lot quicker.) There are some third-party scripts available for JAWS and iTunes that, as I recall, allow one to use noncontiguous track selection. However, the scripts are not free. More information about the scripts is available at

Insted of using up or down arrow, just press alphabet A 2 times and you will land on add to playlist. But My problem is How to select diffrent songs at diffrent numbers at the same time. Shift arrow keys can select multiple songs but in a row, but what if I have to select the 5th and 15th song?

The fact that noncontiguous selection is impossible in iTunes with JAWS is one big reason why I don't use iTunes as my media player. I talked to an Apple Accessibility rep about this issue, and unfortunately, this is an issue which Apple apparently refuses to fix for JAWS users. The problem is that Apple has mapped the keystrokes for the volume slider to control+down arrow/control+up arrow, which overrides the JAWS keystrokes for noncontiguous selection, which are mapped to the same keys. The fix for this problem is very simple, but Apple wants the keystrokes for the Windows version of iTunes to be as close as possible to the Mac keystrokes. Every JAWS user should call Apple Accessibility and complain about this so that Apple will listen to us. If the volume slider in iTunes for Windows was mapped to something like F9/F10, noncontiguous selection would work with JAWS. We shouldn't have to buy third party scripts, which used to be free BTW, to fix this key mapping problem.