Query regarding External storage solutions for the iPhone 5s

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Hello Friends, One of my friend is using IPhone 5S. he is into music, and so has to store lots of music/media files. He want's to know what can be the best external storeage option he can go for so that he can backup his music and also access the same from his IPhone whenever required. He doesn't have any laptop/desktop. Are the wireless harddrives a good option? are the apps of such harddrives accessible with voiceover? Please provide your suggestion.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, February 15, 2016

I own this drive and I love the thing. I'm a confessed media hog and this allows me to have enough goodies while on the road. It pairs with the iPhone nicely. It has a small profile and will easily slip into just about anywhere, though it's not really considered a shirt pocket device. It's slightly larger than that. The file system on the drive is completely accessible with VoiceOver. The only thing to remember is that you must disable your home WiFi in order to enable the Drive. After the drive has been paired you can do this under the WiFi Setting menu on the iPhone. The home WiFi network and the Patriot Aero cannot work simultaneously.


Before I give you a detailed answer I need to know if your friend can fulfill the following prerequisites, One, does your friend have Internet service and if so do they have exes to its router? Finally, while you mentioned your friend does not have a computer do they have access to one on a temporary basis in order to configure the drive to run properly?

Submitted by Blinky X on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Though Wi-Fi external drive seem to be the latest craze nowadays, they still have to be carried around with you when you travel. This is why I would recommend your friend use a, "NAS" - Network Attached Storage drive instead. A NAS functions the same as any external drive only it is connected via a network cable and therefore can be connected to a router.once configured it does not require a computer to run and can be accessed remotely. Once the NAS is working, download "Air Music" from the App Store for quick access remotely. Friends will be amazed at how much music appears to be on your iPhone and you won't have to carry any additional accessories. Good luck.

Submitted by Dinesh Thole on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Carrying the harddrive is not a problem. Wireless hard drive is a good option, but only if the app used to control the hard drive is accessible. So are the apps of cegate or my passport accessible?