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I’m considering buying the SE iPhone 2020. For me the home button is a requirement. My sighted husband & I were to share a X-ray iPhone; I haven’t touched the thing in more than a year & it starts with unlocking it. I have an iPad which I use daily & frequently, but I think I’d get better use of an iPhone for scanning. There are so many apps for accessing print information I feel like I’m missing the access train. Love to hear other vo users thoughts.



Submitted by Justin on Monday, October 18, 2021

I've had one for about a year and am pretty happy with it. I'd prefer something with better battery life, but that's just a drawback of the smaller form factor. Though, if the rumors are to be believed, there will be an updated SE coming out in the spring you may want to consider holding out for if you can.

I too am hoping for a SE 3 with better battery life and the 15 bionic chip would be the cherry to the cake. Got my SE 2020 last year i.e. October 25, 2020 and totally love it despite the battery life challenges. WFH so using the phone more than usual otherwise I think it would survive a day on the field

Submitted by Bingo Little on Monday, October 18, 2021

I'm a Touch ID man and will not surrender to the Face ID lobby until the fortress is entirely besieged with all food and supply lines gone and no prospect of the fingerprint cavalry emerging from over the hill to lay waste to the besiegers. So wen the SE2020 came out it was exactly what I wanted notwithstanding that up until then i'd gone with the main iPhones - 7, 8 etc. I'm very happy with this phone. People talk about the battery life but I have to be honest and say I've never found that an issue for me. Perhaps it's because my expectations are lower, but there we go. I work from home a lot and the iPhone is pretty central to that. i also work a lot while travelling when it becomes even more central. You can't go wrong with the SE2020 and if they're bringing a new one out next year I agree with others that you might want to hold off.

Submitted by gailisaiah on Monday, October 18, 2021

Hello Catherine, I have the iPhone 12 Mini which, as you know, doesn't have the Home Button. My solution to this was, I made custom VO gestures for the home screen and App Switcher. So now I don't even miss the Home Button. Oh, forgot to say that this mini is about the size of the SE.

Submitted by AbleTec on Monday, October 18, 2021

I really like mine. What made it even nicer was that Consumer Cellular had it for $250, which was about $150 off msrp lol. Hubby & I saved $300--pretty sweet! So I'd say if you're willing to switch carriers, shop around & see if you can get it cheaper.

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