Problems with AirPods and phone calls

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First of all, I should say that I’m running the second version of the AirPods, an iPhone 11 and an Apple watch 6 running iOs 14.4 and Watch OS 7.3. I’m having problems with phone calls with my AirPods. Most of the time, I’m listening to audio, mostly audio from audible or occasionally music. When the phone starts to vibrate, I don’t necessarily hear my ring. Even if I tap the AirPod to answer the phone, I don’t hear any noise. Sometimes, this happens even if I’m not answering a call. I found that it’s almost impossible to make a phone call using the AirPods. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. I’d actually say that I have more problem making calls out than answering calls. If the ringtone starts on my phone, I can usually answer successfully. It just depends on whether the phone actually decides to ring. Has anyone come up with a workaround for this? Also. I do have a couple braille displays connected via Bluetooth, but they’re not usually running at the time.



Submitted by nohansa nuh on Saturday, February 13, 2021

try to reset your airpods, mayby fix your problem's

Submitted by captianbubble on Sunday, February 14, 2021

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There is a little button in the back of the case, and you have to put both of your AirPods in the case. After you put both AirPods in the case, keep the lid open to the case and hold down the little circle button in the back that’s also the pairing button and hold hold it down for seven seconds and it should reset.
Also, if you have a braille display you have to connect or the braille display will just hang until The braille displays connected.

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Sunday, February 14, 2021

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first, insert bofe your airpods in to charging case,
sekon, keep the lit open, and press and hold the litle button on the back the charging case for 165 sekon antil the indikator lite is blingking red

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Monday, February 15, 2021

ups, sorry, I meen for 15 sekon.

Submitted by Nickie Coby on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Thanks all for the help! Resetting the airpods seems to have fixed the problem.