Otterbox Defender

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I have a question. On the Otterbox Defender, if you pull the parts that protect elements like the port that you use to plug the charger into the wall, will the rubber protection tear off? Thanks.



Submitted by Darrell Hilliker on Monday, April 18, 2011

No. It has been my experience that the rubber covers over the dock connector and headphone connector will not come off. This really is a great case!

I got an awesome deal from Amazon on an Otterbox Defender. I don't think they need to be $50--that's the list pric--but it really is a great case. You really should leave the rubber cover on--I think removing it often will probably dammage it. The only problem I have with the case is that there's a hole in the headphone jack cover, presumably so that you can plug in headphones without having to pull back the cover and expose the phone to too much dust and dirt while walking or jogging. The problem is that the hole in the rubber does not line up with the hole in the plastic case--which defeats the entire purpose. Other than that, the Otterbox Defender Case is really cool!

A friend came up with an interesting hypothesis as to why the hole in the case doesn't match up with the headphone jack on the iPhone. She said it may be designed that way specifically to prevent dirt and dust from entering the connector. This idea makes some sense to me. While the rubber cover is in place, the connector is protected. While the rubber cover is open, a cable is presumably plugged into the connector, thus providing ongoing protection. It doesn't bother me too much.

Interesting idea, but my question then is, why even put a hole in the rubber flap? If the point of the flap is to keep as much dust out of the devices's jack, whouldn't it make much more sense for the rubber flap protecting the jack to have no holes in it? I'm not maligning you or your friend--it just seems like a design flaw. But really, the case is protective and sturdy--though definitely not worth $50--thanks, Amazon, for the price drop on mine.