NFB Convention and Hooke Audio

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Hello All,
I have some exciting news below to share with you today.
For those attending the 2017 NfB convention in Orlando Florida, Anthony Mattana Hooke audio founder, will be in attendance to the convention on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 11 and July 12.
He wishes to set up an informal meeting with users of the Hooke audio microphones and app to discuss suggestions for improvements.
The meeting time and location have yet to be determined-suggestions welcomed. We will update this post with more details as they become available.
Also, please check the @hookeaudio Twitter account as details of the times Anthony will be in the exhibit hall and the location for the meeting are decided upon.
Primarily, Anthony will be in and around the exhibit hall, located at Sebastian Ballroom K and L, Level 1
should someone reading this not yet know what Hooke is or wish to see a demo. We encourage existing users who own the product to have your headset with you, make lots of recordings and promote this product as much as possible to new users.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can comment on this post, or contact myself and/or Rich Cavallaro.
My email is
My Twitter handle is @drummer0608
Rich Cavallaro
Twitter Handle: @richcav

Thank you all.
Justin Thornton
Head of Hooke Audio Accessibility