New User of Oticon Ruby 1 MiniRITE R

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Hi all,

I got an Oticon Ruby MiniRite R yesterday. I've never used MFI/Bluetooth hearing aids before, so I've been as blown away as the rest of you probably were your first time, but I'm having one issue. It's staying connected to the phone too well! I have the Audio Destination in the roter, but changing it to default still keeps it in the hearing aid. If I turn off Bluetooth then turn it back on again, in about 10 seconds it's sending through the hearing aid again! I want to be able to disconnect at will but easily connect again. So far the only way I've found is to forget the device from hearing settings but that's less than ideal. Also, the control center widget is useless to me because I can change the HA volume far easier from the aid itself and live listen severely limits the microphone's ability to capture audio from any distance at all, at least in my brief testing. I only have one program option but I can of course get my Audiologist to add more, but I could get to the Oticon On App with far fewer swipes and yes I have Hearing devices moved to the top. I know I can add it to the accessibility shortcut but I don't like it asking me, so I quickly took it back out. I'm a little frustrated because I didn't expect this to be such a pain to switch audio back and forth. Otherwise, I'm loving this Hearing Aid! I'll love it even more when I get more profiles added so the audio from the phone doesn't sound so squashed. It's very clear, but just sounds...small. Don't quite know how to describe it.