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the 2021 imac comes in seven colors, what color did you or would you choose? maybe you insist you don't care, but you should, because the colors of your devices say a lot about you.

i'm shopping for a new imac, and i've narrowed my color choices to purple and silver. so what color did you choose, or would you choose if you are about to make a new purchase: green, pink, blue, silver, orange, yellow or purple?



Submitted by Brian Giles on Sunday, December 12, 2021

This is one of those things where having prior vision would help a lot. I used to have a little bit so know what basic colors look like, but now everything is in tons of shades that they try to market with clever names and it makes no sense. So sometimes reading about people wanting their tech to be a certain color comes off to me like a first world problem.

So I've always deferred to other people when I have to choose the color of something because if I'd picked it out on my own, I would probably get it wrong. When I got my iPhone XR I got the product red one. I thought about doing the same thing when I was thinking about upgrading, but was told that the 12s are a different shade of red so it wouldn't look as good. I ended up getting a blue 12 mini, which I'm told is a darker blue than I thought it would be.

I got a space gray Apple Watch and a gray sport loop, which would've been completely different had I picked it out on my own. I did stick with my original choice of "sky blue" AirPods Max though, which my mom didn't like the look of at first but then changed her mind. I showed them to her last night and she says they look good in person.

So yeah... color is a weird thing for those of us sans any vision at all.

Submitted by OldBear on Sunday, December 12, 2021

I just don't see myself walking around with an iMac, so I would aim for a color that fits in with where I'm going to keep it most of the time. I think silver would be the safe choice for a neutral color, unless there's brass all over the room.
An iPhone, on the other hand... This is my complaint about the Otter Box cases. I've always ended up with a black case because there were no other choices where I get my iPhones. There's some times I just don't want to mix black accessories with brown clothing and so on. It would be much worse if it were a brown case with black clothing! Unless, of course, it were a very reddish-brown. I mean, go get a color analysis and find out if you're a spring, summer, winter, or fall color type. LOL
For real though, I learned a long time ago to like wearing the colors that people react favorably to me when I have them near me, rather than the colors my mind thinks are pretty. Orange is pretty to my mind, especially with some blue, but if I have orange near me, people only see the orange, or bright yellow for that matter. Medium-blues on the other hand, do very interesting things with my hazel/green eyes, and go well with the rest of me, and people aren't laughing behind my back, as if I couldn't hear them...

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