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Hello all.
I was wondering could any body please tell me whether there is a midi controller that I can hook up to my iPhone to allow me to control garage band if so please provide me with a name of some controllers that would allow me to do this or please provide me With some links that I could go to on where to purchase them from.
Having a controller would be better because when I am trying to hit the record button in garage band on my iPhone it ends up recording the voice as well. If I had a controller I could turn off voice over and hit the record button By using the controller then it would not get voice over in while recording. If I turn voice over off on my phone now and try to find the record stop play button on garage band using my iPhone it is hard to do.
Any kind of suggestions or support would be appreciated



For my MacBook Pro I have a Midi Controller with the record stop and play button there already. The name of this controller is a Nano Midi Controller which works great with GarageBand it only hooks up to USB it dosn't have the small part on the end that goes into IPhone other wise if it could hook up to iPhone I would try it but it dosn't.
So I'm looking for a controller that has similar buttons like stop play record.
The controller that I also have for my MacBook Pro allows me to mute tracks it even has nobs on it to term track 1 or two down .
My other question is GarageBand on iOS supported with Bluetooth keyboards if so the stop and play dose work with pushing the space bar.